What are the Differences Between Clip-lock, Screw, and Switch Pump Dispensers?

What are the Differences Between Clip-lock, Screw, and Switch Pump Dispensers?

lotion pump dispenser are usually used in a wide range of beauty products, hygiene products, and cleaning agents like hand sanitizers. Because they are more convenient and easy to use, they have largely replaced traditional bottle caps.


Dispenser pumps are small plastic fittings that are usually used to dispense viscous liquids from containers.  You simply press down on the pump and liquid comes out.


There are different types of dispenser pumps that are widely used as part of the packaging of different personal care and beauty products.

The three most common types of dispenser pumps are:

  • Lotion pump clip lock
  • Screw / Lock-down pump dispensers
  • Switch pump dispensers

Although dispenser pumps operate similarly, there are slight modifications that affect how each dispenser works. In this article, we are going to talk about the differences between the three common types of pump dispensers.

Clip-Lock Pump

Firstly, let’s take a look at the clip-lock pump dispenser. The clip-lock dispenser has a detachable plastic clip on the neck of the pump. The clip prevents any unintended dispensing of the content of the plastic bottles.

One advantage of this is that it makes it more difficult for children to accidentally spill the liquid on themselves once you attach the clip. For travelers, it is a good way to prevent lotions, personal care products, or cleaning agents in your bags or luggage from spilling onto your clothes.

Screw Pump / Lock-down Pump

The second most common type of dispenser pump is the screw pump. It is also called the lock-down pump, or the Switch Pump. The screw pump has a screw just under the head that you turn left or right to open or close the pump.

To use the screw pump, you must first unlock the spout by twisting it counterclockwise. With the dispenser unlocked, you can then apply pressure on the nozzle to dispense liquid. To lock the dispenser, you simply push the head down, then you twist it clockwise until you feel a bit of resistance as the screw engages.

You often see this type of pump heads on hair shampoos. Sometimes the dispenser caps are embossed with arrow signs that telling you which direction you should screw to lock or unlock the dispenser.

Switch Pump / Lock-up Pump

The switch pump is a popular dispenser. It is very easy and convenient to use. To dispense the liquid in the bottle, you simply press down on the nozzle, which snaps back to its original position. It is very popular because it is very easy to use and usually comes with a stylish finish.

As the dual name implies, the switch pump is also called the lock-up pump because it can be locked without being pushed down unlike the Screw pump. To lock the switch pump, you simply twist the nozzle left or right – depending on what the embossed sign says. Because of this, the caps of switch pumps usually have an ‘OPEN’ and a ‘STOP’ sign embossed on them.

Advantages of Using Pump Dispensers

Pump dispensers are widely used as part of the packaging for products like shampoos, liquid soaps, body lotions, and hand sanitizers. Some of the advantages of using Pump dispensers in your packaging is:

  • They are child friendly. The clip-lock dispenser is a valuable child-safety feature.
  • They are perfect for traveling because the contents are protected from spillages.
  • Some pump dispensers like the lockdown pump can dispense in larger doses if necessary.
  • They have an elegant and attractive design.
  • They are very convenient and easy to use.


To wrap it all up,

  • Clip-lock pumps come with a detachable clip to lock them in and prevent unintended dispensing by making it impossible for fluid to come out.
  • The screw pumps have an extra casing or enclosure that holds the screw part in place, and lastly
  • The switch pump can be opened or closed by simply twisting the head nozzle to the ‘OPEN’ or ‘STOP’ positions.

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